The little things

Hotel Amenities

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Everyday ease

Room amenities

Hotel Berg offers a large number of Room amenities that will ease up your stay when you’re on your vacation. Here’s what you always get when you stay here.

Widescreen LCD TV

Enjoy your favourite TV shows or sports when you’re at your room resting on a 40„ TV screen.

Wine bottle

Have a complementary bottle of wine free, when you stay for more than 5 nights at Berg.


Start your morning with the highest quality coffee made in-room with Lavazza coffeemaker.

Free Wi-Fi

Rest and do some work if you need to, high speed wi-fi internet is free all around the hotel premises.

Everyday towel changes

Or room staff will change the towels everyday if you prefer to. Just leave them in the bath.


If you’re a fan of cocktails – our bartenders will make it for you. Just visit the lobby or pool bar.

Alarm clock

If you’re in a need to stay up early (but we hardly suspect it!), our alarm clocks will take care of that.

Premium bathtubs

Jacuzzi or a regular bath tub? It’s your choice, so whichever you prefer, let us know when booking.


    Outside ease

    Additional Services

    But the real things start outside, when you step out of your room. We’ll help you to rest, take care of your luggage, or your clothing, or provide you with a guide when needed.

    Indoor and outdoor pool

    Our pools are always open, whether it’s summer or winter. You just decide which one you want.

    Baggage carriers

    Our staff will gladly help you out with your baggage and carry them into your room.

    Clothes cleaning

    Need to wash your clothes? No worries! Our cleaning services will help you out for a small fee.

    Privacy is essential

    Whether you just want a quiet nap or value your privacy, just let us know. Noone will bother you.

    Covered parking lot

    Your car will be safe and sound on our covered car parking lot. You can additionally pay for garage.


    Our professional guides will be there to help you when hiking or skiing on unmarked places.

    Room restaurant

    Anytime you want, we’ll provide you with room service, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Airport transport

    If you didn’t came in by your car or by bus, we can drive you with out shuttle to the airport.